binkybox der Schnullerspender

first soother dispenser worldwide FAQ


I have not yet received my binkybox.

We ship with DHL and DPD. The delivery time is 3-5 working days after receipt of payment.
Please check the shipping date on your invoice.

How can my child find the pacifier

We have attached a noctilucent frame to the output area of the binkybox. The child sees it at night and reaches for the right place. To teach the binkybox, please see the explanation at

What happens if my child breaks out the lid of the binkybox?

That's not a problem. The pacifier dispenser is designed so that you can replace the lid at any time.

The lid fell out of the binkybox upon delivery. Why is this happening?

For reasons of child safety, we have decided that the lid is easy to remove and just as easy to replace. This is why it may fall out during transport.

How can I see what's inside the binkybox?

A transparent window is attached to both sides of the soother dispenser. Here parents can check whether each chamber is filled with pacifiers or whether there are other things like a toy car in the binkybox that do not belong in there.

How can I clean the binkybox?

Wipe the elements to be cleaned with a cleaning agent that is not too aggressive, then wipe over with a damp cloth again so that the cleaning agent has been removed without residue.

Is the binkybox food safe?

Yes, the binkybox meets the highest security requirements. And that's why we've made sure that the binkybox is made of food-safe material.

Where is the binkybox manufactured?

The binkybox is manufactured in Germany. Development, design and production is all Made in Germany.

How do I mount the binkybox at the right height to the child?

The binkybox has a height adjustment on the back. Adjust the height of the hook individually and thus you can always keep the distance between the mattress and the binkybox within reach for your child.

How can I mount the binkybox on the wall?

Yes, the binkybox is also designed for this in principle. Please make sure that the selected hook is not wider than 4.8 mm and does not reach too deep into the binkybox, otherwise the function may be impaired.