First pacifier dispenser worldwide!

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The binkybox is the first and only pacifier dispenser worldwide and can be equipped with up to 5 pacifiers. All commercial pacifiers fit into the binkybox. So you can be sure your child has a pacifier within reach.

Dekra Siegel

The safety of your children is important to us. That is why we have tested the binkybox in all relevant tests and received the Dekra seal for tested products (type approved) and monitored production. Thus, the binkybox® and its production meet the highest quality requirements.

The benefits of the binkybox:

• Babies and parents which have tested the binkybox could sleep better and longer if they used the binkybox as shown in the video
• System for holding up to 5 pacifiers
• Holds all commercially available pacifiers
• Automatic advance, always a pacifier within reach
• Pulling forces appropriate for a child
• Our baby and babies of testing families learned how to use the binkybox quickly, as soon as they are at least 10 months old
• Food-safe
• Pacifiers stay clean
• Various possibilities for attachment, e.g. on a bed, playpen, ...

• Made in Germany

Sleep through the night - easier now,
thanks to binkybox.