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Size: 391x126x140mm (millimeter)
Weight: 555 g (gram) without pacifier

Due to high demand for the binkybox, delivery times have increased. These will probably amount to 2 - 4 weeks. Should there be any changes to the delivery time previously assumed, we will inform you immediately.

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The binkybox is a practical storage system for pacifiers. The special feature is that every commercial pacifier fits into the binkybox.  

It can help babies, toddlers and  parents to find the pacifier faster because the binkybox attached to the bed is always in the same place.

Thanks to the noctilucent frame at the dispensing area, babies can immediately find the binkybox's dispensing area even in the darkened room.

The system is so smooth-running that the child's low pulling forces are absolutely sufficient to remove a pacifier on its own. The next pacifier automatically moves into the removal area and is available for further "emergencies".

The support surface for the pacifiers is kept in red, as this signal colour is one of the first that children learn to recognise.

Encouraged in this way, babies from the age of eight months learn how to handle themselves.

Of course, all materials used have been tested by Dekra and approved for use in the baby area. The colours are food safe and the plastic meets the highest demands for our little ones. Made in Germany, a quality promise to you and your child.

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The safety of your children is important to us. That is why we have tested the binkybox in all relevant tests and received the Dekra seal for tested products (type approved) and monitored production. Thus, the binkybox® and its production meet the highest quality requirements.