Binkybox Cathy


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Size: 391x126x140mm (millimeter)
Weight: 555 g (gram) without pacifier

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Schlafendes Baby iconBy the easy finding of the soother, you do not longer have to search the whole night.

Schnuller iconAttached to the bed, the baby or the parents can easily find the pacifiers.

Schnuller iconSince it is always in the same place, finding becomes a habit.

Schnuller iconBy the night glowing frame it is easy to find the binkybox also in the dark room.

Schnuller iconClean storage possibility for all commercial pacifiers.

Baby iconNaturally all used materials are examined by the Dekra and released for babies.

Baby iconThe colors are food-safe and the plastic fulfills the highest requirements for our small ones.

Baby iconMade in Germany, a quality promise to you and your child.

Schlafendes Baby iconThe supporting surface for the soother is held in red, since this signal color is one of the first to recognize the children learn.
Schlafendes Baby iconOn this kind positively encouraged, babies learn the handling starting from the eighth life month.

How you can bring the binkybox closer to your toddler see you under


Not for the use in the USA.

Dekra Siegel

The safety of your children is important to us. That is why we have tested the binkybox in all relevant tests and received the Dekra seal for tested products (type approved) and monitored production. Thus, the binkybox® and its production meet the highest quality requirements.